The President oversees the overall workings within the McMaster Humanities Society (MHS). They will act as the Chief Executive Officer and will ultimately be the main spokesperson and face of the MHS. Some duties include but are not limited to: participating in exec and committee meetings (such as Administrative and Academic committee meetings) as well as MSU Presidents council meetings. The President will act as a liaison between the Humanities student body and the Faculty administration.



The Vice-President of Operations manages all events and initiative plans put forward by the MHS. In addition, they have the responsibility to chair meetings with the Promotion and Events Committee and manage the Media Team.


The Vice-President of Finances is responsible for creating and updating the MHS budget. They will represent the society in the MSU finance meeting (held once a term). They are also responsible for organizing, maintaining and keeping the executive team up-to-date with the financial standing of the society. The Vice-President of Finances also oversees the operation of the Student Initiative Fund.


The Vice-President of Internal Affairs proactively reaches out to the various departments and clubs that fall within the Faculty of Humanities. They are the main point of contact between the society, the Welcome Week Executive Team and the Welcome Week Representatives throughout the duration of their term.


The Vice-President of External Affairs seeks out and builds connections between the MHS and external organizations within the community. They are tasked with the role of enhancing and maintaining the public image of the society. The Vice-President of External Affairs works closely with the SRA in the planning process and execution of Arts Matters Week.


The Vice-President of Academics advocates student issues with the faculty and the MSU. The Vice-President of Academics also attends weekly meetings with the HTLC and is their main connection to the society, as well as oversees the operations of the Humanities Mentorship Initiative (HMI).


For more information regarding core exec job positions check out our bylaws



  • Positions are opened for election end of the second semester 
  • First Years are given the opportunity to join the executive team at the beginning of each school year through an election
  • Specific information can be found on the McMaster Humanities Facebook page or simple email
  • Our Facebook can be accessed through the Facebook logo provided at the top of the page