Elected Positions

MHS elected positions are those chosen by their peers through an application and election process to represent their year, or to be responsible for certain aspects of the ongoing operations of the MHS. The available elected positions are 1st Year Representative and 2nd, 3rd and 4th Year Social Coordinators.

1st Year Representative

The First Year Representative of the MHS is responsible for being a liaison between the MHS executive and the students in their academic level. Their primary duty is to reach out to their peers to discover their unique needs and desires, and relay that information to the core executive. They will be able to voice these opinions and concerns to the executive on behalf of their academic cohort, and thereby influence the society’s operations to better meet their needs. In order to ensure that incoming first year students have a say in the MHS, each of the two First Year Representatives will have voting power on all society decisions.

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Year Social Coordinator

The Social Coordinators of the MHS (three in total - one for second, third and fourth year) are responsible for being active members of the Promotions Street Team, and for advertising and assisting with the overall process of the events and initiatives directed to their respective year groups. They will be able to voice these opinions and concerns to the Executive team and they may be called upon to play leadership roles within the Promotions Street Team.



  • All applications are due by Monday, September 28th - 5:30PM @ The All Candidates Meeting.
  • All candidates are required to come to The All Candidates Meeting on Monday, September 28th @ 5:30PM in MUSC room 311/314.
  • Elections will run from Wednesday, September 30th - Monday, October 5. Voting will occur on Monday, October 5.

Hired Positions

MHS hired positions are determined through an application and interview process. The available hired positions include Financial Assistant, Humanities Mentorship Initiative Operations Assistant, and Promotions Street Team Member.

HMI Operations Assistant

The HMI (Humanities Mentorship Initiative) Operations Assistant will work under the HMI Coordinator as well as the Vice-President of Academics . They will assist the HMI Coordinator with planning and programming for all Humanities mentorship events and help to create an enjoyable atmosphere of safety and inclusivity for members of the program. * * This position is only open to Mentors registered in the HMI program * *

Financial Assistant

The Financial Assistant for the MHS will assist the Vice-President of Finances as well as the rest of the executive team to maintain up to date records of transactions made by the MHS while also assisting with upkeep of the budget. The Financial Assistant is required to sit in on all open executive meetings where financial matters are discussed and will aid in the transfer process for incoming executive team.

Promotions Street Team

The MHS wants YOU to be a part of our street team this year! As a street teamer, you will be volunteering to promote the MHS events. This is a great opportunity for students who want to get more experience in promotions and events. We would be so happy if you joined our awesome team!  



  • All applications are due by Monday, September 28th - 5:30PM @ The All Candidates Meeting.
  • Please check your email daily for information regarding interviews.